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How much money do premium content creators get?

Content creators get paid subscription and advertising revenue. LiveEdu monetizes both the livestreams and videos. You get paid for the month in which you stream the project live. After your project completion, you will also get paid perpetually for each month in which you do no actual work, but your content gets view time even after 6 months.

Normally streamers spend 1 month to complete the streaming of the premium project by streaming 3 times a week.

Each session is a one or two-hour stream.

It normally takes ca. 10 sessions to complete a project.

Streamers make $300-$700 in the first 6 months if their project is popular, educational and streamer also markets the project using this guide.

Monthly payout depends on:

  1. How educational your content is
  2. Your presentation style
  3. How structured your tutorial project is
  4. How popular the project is with viewers.
  5. How you contribute in promoting the project on social media.

You can also stream multiple projects to earn more money.

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