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How much would I make on LiveEdu as a content creator?

Before you ask this question, check first if your content meets our content quality criteria: LiveEdu content quality assurance. If your content is junk and nobody watches it then you will not make any money. Note: LiveEdu does not pay streamers just for stream time but based on viewers watching the content (view time). Viewers pay LiveEdu by buying a Pro subscription and we share the revenue with streamers. Viewers only watch content if they gain value from it. Junk and silent content is not worth a viewer's time and money.
Whether your content is junk or not is something we cannot tell you until you have streamed 1-2 sessions on LiveEdu. If your content meets the content quality criteria, then you are one step ahead. How much money you will make on LiveEdu we cannot tell you ahead if you have not streamed for at least 2 months on LiveEdu because how much you make is dependent on the percentage of your view time to total view time across all streamers. See formula: Make money
The best you can do to make maximum amount of money on LiveEdu is:
a) stream in teaching mode (educational content).
b) stream at regular schedule each week.
c) follow our content promotion guide to promote your streams and videos
Content marketing.
d) build a following on LiveEdu.
e) stream premium projects because premium content creators get paid more.
f) encourage your viewers to buy LiveEdu Pro.
g) stream project topics that appeal to a lot of people.
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