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I am a normal content creator, why are the number of viewers on my streams and videos lower compared to before?

The drop in the number of viewers you see on your streams and videos is not surprising because we announced many weeks ago significant changes for LiveEdu. It seems you missed the guides published fo streamers to get viewers on their streams and videos:
We are no more focused on quantity but quality content. That means we are focusing on projects that are educational and engaging for viewers to watch. Junk content is to be faded out
LiveEdu content quality assurance
Normal project streamers are to market their own streams as LiveEdu does not market normal projects anymore.
If your stream is not added to schedule and you stream each week at irregular hours, you will not get any viewers to watch you. The best streamers on LiveEdu add their streams to the schedule, stream at same schedule each week and market their streams online themselves using this manual: Content marketing for streamers
Both normal and premium project streamers get paid subscription and advertising revenue based on view time on their content. But premium streamers get more money because their content is more educational: Earn money on LiveEdu as content creator
we launched premium content which is focused on building highly education projects that paying users will have access to. The money helps us continue operating the platform and pay steamers to stream educational content. LiveEdu Pro is cheap for less than $0.32 cents per day. It starts at only $9.99/month. If you buy 6 month subscription, you even get 5% discount and 10% discount if you buy a 12 months
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