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Why is the livestream or a video am watching playing with lags?

This could be due to your slow internet download speed or the streamer streamed with inadequate internet upload speed.
If you have a weak internet connection, we recommend you buy a LiveEdu Pro subscription so you can watch content at lower stream quality (480p):
LiveEdu Subscription 

To check your internet speed to our streaming cluster, go on these urls and record your result:  
1. Usa speed test (USA cluster)

2. EU speed test (EU cluster)
3. Asia speed test (Asia Pacific cluster)

If your speed results are low it means your internet connection is weak.  If you think your internet speed is strong enough  and the issue is from streamer side: send us a support ticket on the support page with the following details: Video/livestream url, date and time you tried to watch, your city, your internet download speed. Your speedtest result to our servers.

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